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Faulty or problematic door that won’t open or close properly?

Our fully trained engineers can help you!

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Door Repairs

If a door is broken or has fallen off it’s pivot, track or hinges, we are able to quickly repair or replace damaged door parts, and have your door problems solved at an affordable price.

All our engineers have experience of door closing hardware and are equipped to fix doors that have become too stiff to open, or close too slowly.

We fix doors that do not close at all, and install new doors and fixtures.

We work closely with the best door manufacturers and can source most door parts, or recommend the best replacements if a fixture has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Our experienced team will only ever fit genuine parts to ensure that you are worry free.

If you require major repairs, we offer a free surveying service, with all work to be carried out at a time convenient to you.

We work with Aluminium, steel, UPVC or timber doors and are also Glass door specialists. We have a range of door closers in stock and all our work is guaranteed!

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...and see how we can save you time and money on your double glazing repairs.

Our team of fully insured double glazing repair experts, can help fix and replace your windows, doors and conservatories at an unbeatable price.

Door repair and replacement tips

Here are some useful tips if you have a squeaking, faulty, or unhinged door.

  • When attempting to lift a door off its hinges, it is best to remove the bottom pin first. The opposite is true for when you replace a door on its hinges, then it is best to insert the top pin first.
  • You lubricate a squeaking door hinge with petroleum jelly instead of oil. This removes the worry of any leaking oil dropping on the floor or carpet.
  • If you need to remove 1/2 inch or greater from a door, it is best to score first with a utility knife as this prevents prevent chipping, then finish with a circular saw, for best results.
  • After you have installed a door to the required size for hanging, you should bevel the latch edge backwards, so as to let it clear the jamb as it swings open and shut.
  • After you have planed a replacement door, you need to seal the planes edges with wood sealer. This prevents the replacement door from swelling and sticking again.