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All Glaze Dorset Limited

Bournemouth's Experts in Conservatory Roof Replacement!

The roof is the most important structural element of a conservatory, providing strength, stability and ventilation. It is also the part that endures the most punishment from the elements.

It is therefore vital that your roof is immediately replaced if it is not protecting your home like it should. In some cases, it might be prudent to replace the whole conservatory roof, as doing so might eliminate other problems inherent in older and more inferior products.

At Allglaze, we work throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Poole, Morden, Wimborne, Bournemouth and Christchurch, specialising in providing cost effective and attractive conservatory roof replacement services. Call us today on 01202 488880 or send us a message through our contact form to arrange a free no obligation survey and uPVC conservatory quotation.

High quality replacement conservatory roofs 

Our replacement conservatory roofs are made to fit the existing frames and walls, so they are quick to fit and there is no need for the additional cost and inconvenience of frame and building work.

Replacing a conservatory roof also provides a great opportunity to change the style and appearance of the roof, which could add a totally new look to not only your conservatory but also your home.

Old roof of a large conservatoryLarge conservatory with replaced roof
Old flat roof conservatoryConservatory with new sloping roof
Large flat roofed conservatoryLarge conservatory with new replacement sloped roof
Small conservatory beforeSmall conservatory with its new roof

Replacement conservatory roof frames

Where problems with the conservatory frames exist, these too can be replaced. Using quality, energy efficient and serviceable components, we will provide you with a more solid structure and the peace of mind of knowing that your conservatory roof frames are more secure, safe and reliable.

Our replacement conservatory roofs and frames would make use of the existing base and walls and not require any ground or building work. For more information about our replacement conservatory roofs, feel free to contact us.